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Charlie Banks
Jul 23, 2021
In Our Films - Reviews
Overall, I think this was a charming little film. The highlight for me in this short was the editing of the action sequence, the transition from skateboarding to trying to board up a grassy slope was particularly good. The story is of somebody seeking some light-hearted but important revenge, the struggle to prep for this revenge, and then the hard work being thrown out the window due to external factors beyond the characters control, the main character then realising that the journey gave him more than the revenge ever could still enjoys himself. The camera work and score in general were truley excellent, the only uncomfortable moment was the slight overacting at the start, the opening sequence was probably the weakest moment, but from then it was all, ironically, downhill. The recycling scene was very well acted by all 3 of the cast. That chest freezer wouldn't close, it broke immersion, but i'm a fussy prick so i'll forgive you. As a said at the start, this was a great short, and I'm excited to see what happens next.
Charlie Banks
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