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There is endless talent waiting to be discovered.  It only needs the opportunity to shine.  Every penny we receive will help open another door through which a new star may emerge.

We are accepting donations via Go Fund Me for our next project here.  All such contributions will be credited with special thanks unless requested otherwise.

Donations to aid our talent development and promotional activity can be made here.

We actively encourage corporate donations for those organisations seeking to promote their social responsibility and community engagement activity and benefit from the tax incentives available.  Make an enquiry here.

Thank You.

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As well as producing films, we actively work with partners to identify and develop emerging talent as well as generate exposure for that talent through activity such as screening events and film festivals.

Support our efforts in this area by selecting a one off donation of £10, £20, £50 or £100 or set your own amount using the links below.  Donations can be made using your PayPal account or by payment card.


Thank You.

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We would be pleased to hear from organisations with Social Responsibility and Community Engagement agendas who wish to make corporate donations in support of these.

We understand that such donations may require to be uniquely structured and may require to be used for limited purposes.  To begin the discussion, please contact us HERE.

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